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Day 2
Agility tests
1. Standing Vertical Jump
*you will be allowed 1 fail only on any given height. If you miss and and then get the same height the next attempt, you can go on. If you miss the same height twice, you are out.

2. 40yd dash
* we will go on the movement of the athlete.
Gymnastics tests
1. Pistol competency
(3). below parallel pistol on heal with no shoe.
(2). Pistol to a support(box or weights) at parallel tap and stand up.
(1). With a break in the hip and knee both (lowering hips approx 3″) hold for a 10 count.
***Test both legs, it’s possible to have different scores.
2. 2min max Toes to Bar
If athlete is unable to do a single TTB then they will do max time hanging knees at 90 hold.
(3). 50 HSPU
(2). 20 Wall Walks
5 Min Cap

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